Big Impact in Tanzania

Imagine growing up in Tanzania. As a child, there is only a 15% chance you will graduate from high school. If you are a girl, there is a 44% chance you will be pregnant or already have a child by age 18. At minimum, 50% of Tanzania’s 59 Million people are under the age of 18.

To help combat the inherent challenges children face, we are working together to deliver a big impact through dual programming in Tanzania. First, we deliver sports programming for the children, both boys and girls, of the Tanzanian coffee farmers in the Northern Tanzanian area near Muleba. Second, we provide educational assistance in the form of on-campus boarding for young women to attend the KEIFO High School in Kyela, in Southern Tanzania.

We encourage communication and education to germinate growth in a community, which has a big impact over time. Improving communication by introducing integrated sports as a way for boys and girls to work together, increases the comfort they experience when they interact as they age. When we help girls graduate High School and perhaps move on to college—what they learn will help them contribute to a more lasting future for many people.

Our Cooperative Impact

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13 Young Women


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On Campus Boarding

Headmaster Mpoki Chata Mwaifunga with a new student and parent.

On-Campus Boarding

On-campus boarding seizes the opportunity to mitigate the risks of sexual violence, eliminate dangerous commutes, and enhance nighttime study opportunities. Providing assistance for on-campus boarding to help girls finish high school will help create future female leaders in Tanzania. 

Some of the KEIFO Young Women supported by Dragonfly Cooperative.

Mitigating Risks

For teenage girls specifically, an estimated 44 percent of adolescent girls in Tanzania have given birth or are pregnant before age 19. (Roughly 6.4 million girls). (USAID) And by age 17, an estimated 58 percent of girls who are married have dropped out of school. 

A water tank stores safe drinking water and reduces risk of illness.

Maintenance & Safety

Resources for foundation reinforcement, repainting, and a 5,000-gallon water tank provide vital improvements. A next priority is to require a generator, which offers  the opportunity to enhance safety, expand access to educational resources, and making evening study a possibility.



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