Kindness’s Simple Gifts

I once pulled over to the side of the road

for a woman whose car broke down.

She had run out of gas, it was late at night

and beside me, no one else was around.

So she got in my car and we drove nearby

to get fuel to bring back to her tank.

Though I was the one who had stopped for her

I really had her to thank.

In just a few minutes of light conversation

with a stranger, a connection was made.

We laughed and we shared a little about life

and a lasting impression was laid.

I don’t know what made me stop that night

or why we were meant to meet.

But the feeling I had after helping someone else

made my own stress completely obsolete.

I learned that someone can feel seen and loved

through a simple act of kindness.

And that the giver often gets a gift too:

fulfillment and connection inside us.

These times leave us yearning for what’s normal and safe

yet we’re surrounded by fear and strife.

Generosity can be a way to mend our souls,

igniting hope while giving fuel to our life.

Let us give recklessly and often, give what we can

and take notice generosity is contagious.

Let us strive to live life with open hands

and watch where kindness can take us.

—Elise Ray-Statz, 2021

Elise Ray-Statz

Elise Ray-Statz

Small acts, when multiplied by millions fo people, can transform the world, Howard Zinn


We will do a little research and share ideas and facts about tiny things a person can do—and, when we choose to do these almost effortless small things, it turns out they add up.  Adopting these seemingly small things allows us to instigate kindness and enact change.   

In the comments, help us decide what small things to instigate, or tell us if you want to be a guest instigator.

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